We use professional Canon video cameras for all our productions.  We do not use DSLRs where video is an afterthought and limited record time.  We can shoot up to 12 hours continuously.  We customized all our equipment for extended event shooting with the best technology.

Our current equipment list includes five professional, state-of-the-art Canon XA45 and XA55, 4K video cameras.  All of our cameras are completely wireless featuring wireless video and audio and our proprietary custom designed pan/tilt/zoom controllers that do not depend on internet connectivity.

We've been doing live-switching and video production since 2000. In 2018 we established a new company, Tulsa Livecast, to specialize in live-switched streaming (livecasting) of events.  We use Blackmagic ATEM 4K  hardware switchers with capability to shoot up to 8, 4K cameras at once! We employ Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio boxes for live recording and LiveU coupled with Psynaps technology for live-streaming to Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube.  We also integrate redundancy in our live station to make sure your event gets recorded and streamed with security.

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We stream video in either 720p or 1080p using state-of-the-art cellular bonding technology by LiveU and stability by Psynaps.  Both 720p and 1080p are high-definition (HD) with 1080p having higher resolution.  Both look great on the web! If the bandwidth is low (1.5 mps)  we can still stream at 540p, which looks very much like standard television broadcast.

We can stream virtually anywhere either via your ethernet, wireless or even with our own Mofi routers and Wineng antenna! We use state-of-the-art cellular bonding technology for the best possible streaming connection.

Heading 6

Our wireless live-switch and control station allows us to work unobtrusively in a corner or balcony. We are very much like a remote television station switching LIVE with up to 5 cameras and streaming LIVE.  Our control station occupies about 6 square feet so we do not interrupt your event with cameramen running around in the venue.


For audio we use Sennheiser and Sanken microphones, some of the best audio technology money can buy.  Our model Sanken microphones were chosen as the "microphone of the Olympics" a few years ago!

We also integrate Sound Designs 32 bit audio technology in our audio stream to get the best audio available today.

  • We set up multiple (up to 8) high-definition cameras at strategic locations at your event venue.                                         

  • We use our control station to control the cameras in real time.                                                                              

  • Using a computer and wireless RC controllers, we video your event while "live-switching" among cameras to get the best shot.                                                                                                    

  • Your video is recorded locally to video and audio recorders while simultaneously streaming to a streaming server such as Vimeo or YouTube.                                                                                        

  • Your event audience can attend the event in person or remotely!                                                                           

How it works